Halloween Costumes

Here you will find the best Halloween Costumes to make this years Halloween a time of fun and enjoyment.

It’s often difficult to select the right costume with so many choices available. It is our aim to make your decision easy and we have listed ideas for you to consider.

The first question to ask yourself is – What is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?  

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays and is celebrated all around the world. It owes its origins to the Celts and records have been traced back as far as the 5th century B.C.  

It was their belief that on October 31st each year people who had passed away during that year would come back and inhabit another body, either human or animal. By dressing up, or wearing masks, the Celts believed that they could scare off the spirits and it is this tradition that we celebrate today on Halloween.  

These days there are a large variety of Halloween Costumes and accessories available, such as:  

Adult Halloween Costumes

             Mens Halloween Costumes 

            Womens Halloween Costumes
Costumes Of Cleopatra

Childrens Halloween Costumes  

Although adults in ancient times were the people wearing costumes and masks, these days Halloween is a fun celebration and children love dressing up to celebrate Halloween.  

Couples Halloween Costumes  

A unique idea is for couples to wear identical costumes, for example Batman and Batgirl, Warlock and Witch, etc.  

Dog Halloween Costumes  

The Celts believed that the spirits could inhabit the body of animals so what better way to help your dog ward off “evil spirits” than to dress him/her in their very own Halloween Costume.  

Halloween Decorations  

What better way to keep the unwanted spirits away from your home and yard than to decorate it with things that create an atmosphere as well as frighten off the spirits.  

Halloween Party  

No Halloween is complete without a party and which is made special by the right kind of food, music, games and Halloween movies.  

Scary Halloween Costumes  

If we are true to the ancient tradition, then we should dress in costumes that are going to frighten off the spirits. The idea was that if the spirits thought that the body was already inhabited, then they would stay away.  

Some of the costumes that followed this tradition are:  

            Devil Costume

            Skeleton Costume

            Werewolf Costume

            Witch Costumes

            Vampire Costumes

            Zombie Costume

 Not So Scary Halloween Costumes  

There is quite a selection to choose from such as:

            Funny Halloween Costumes

            Sexy Halloween Costumes

            Superheroes Costumes

            Plus Size Halloween Costumes – both scary and non scary, for those of us not blessed with a trim and taut body there are plus size costumes available so that we can join in the fun.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes  

            Disney Costumes

            Halloween Pirate Costumes

            Harry Potter Costumes  

This year it’s not surprising to see Pirate Costumes and Harry Potter Costumes joining the ever popular Disney Costumes  

We hope this has given you some idea on what to wear this Halloween and please enjoy your visit and follow the links to our other pages for more information.  

Happy Halloween!